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With an insurance valuation, you will
be prepared if things go wrong one day.

  • All types of businesses and organizations
  • Experienced and expert appraisers
  • Independent value (Article 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code)
  • Reliable reports
  • Own valuation system and RVM (data-based valuation without a visit)
  • Market leader

An economic valuation
is always a good investment.

  • Any type of commercial property and business inventory, industrial production lines and equipment
  • Suitable for financial statements, financing purposes, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, leasing and rental transactions and tax purposes

Reinstatement value model
Data-based valuations.

  • A digital tool for automated valuations
  • Report per project
  • Integration possibilities via digital links (APIs)
  • Drop-outs can be assessed by appraisers if necessary
  • Fast and efficient handling
  • Can be combined with a risk survey

An art valuation often makes
your collection even more valuable.

  • Experts
  • years of experience
  • Museums, private and corporate collections
  • Insurance and economic purposes
  • Personal attention
  • Safe and comfortable feeling

Value determination
for insurersand trustees.

  • We ensure the correct insured amounts and premium base
  • We ensure that you comply with the duty of care
  • Valuation of all items on the insurance policy
  • Simple application, single and bulk
  • Fast and efficient handling
  • Can be combined with a risk survey
  • In-house valuation system and RVM (valuation based on data without a visit)

After a business valuation you will
know the value of your organization.

  • Important when transferring shares
  • We understand our clients’ business strategy
  • Knowledge of tangible and especially intangible assets
  • All financial aspects are considered as well as market, organisational, structural and technological elements
  • All issues that make an organisation unique

Real estate advice is
the basis for your success.

  • Analysing, advising on real estate issues
  • Analysis of financial, technical, legal and fiscal aspects of a property or portfolio
  • A valuation model allowing us to work out different scenarios
  • Your confidant and risk manager.
  • Research and advice that can contribute to your success
  • Our large database is available to you
  • Troostwijk is RICS regulated

Purchase Price Allocation
For real estate and machinery.

  • Assets valued at fair value or market value, continuation at same location is starting point
  • No problem with different situations (e.g. IFRS 5).
  • Reporting states cash generating units
  • Transparent insight
  • Evidence-based is our starting point
  • Review drafted PPA, or as sparring partner

Fixed Assets Register Reconciliation
offers you more security and less risk.

  • Provides clear view of your fixed asset system
  • Better monitoring of assets in the future
  • Reduced financial, tax and legal risks
  • Impairments and questionable items become visible
  • ROI and financial reporting are improved
  • In combination with FARR, an insurance valuation is possible
  • Useful in mergers and acquisitions
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