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Damage! Now what to do?

Major losses due to fire, water, lightning, or storms is quite a nightmare. Determining the scope of the damage is only one of the things that you have to handle. In a short time, sometimes just a few days, you have to create a strategy that will be crucial for both the short and long term. Emergency measures, demolition, temporary accommodation, reconstruction, purchasing new resources and customer communication. All important issues you need to think about. We provide the right counter assessor to help you with property damage and business interruption throughout the process.


  • You have the right to appoint your own counter assessor when it comes to property damage and business interruption.
  • This counter assessor ensures a balance to the situation, the principle of “equality of arms”.
  • This counter assessor is your partner, who will advise you and guide you through the complex and dynamic process of claiming for your damage.
  • Loss assessment is not a vote of mistrust against the insurer.
  • Almost all insurance companies realize that the insured needs expert help after a calamity.
  • This is why they often reimburse the costs of a loss assessor through their policy, a counter assessor for the affected party.


  • Troostwijk is an independent loss assessments agency with fully independent operations.
  • Our counter assessor represent your interests in the negotiating with insurance company as well as other parties.
  • Our counter assessor advise on substantiating and establishing the claim and discuss it with the insurer’s claims expert.
  • Our counter assessor represent your interests in reaching an agreement on the extent of the damage claim.
  • Our counter assessor are certified by the Register of Experts and are annually tested for whether they still meet the training requirements set by the NIVRE.
  • Have you suffered any loss? We are available day and night!

Our method

  • After you have recovered from the initial shock and have notified your insurance intermediary or insurer, they will involve a loss adjuster, who will assess the extent of the property damage and business interruption.
  • The assessments made by the loss adjuster are not always easy to check, is a complex one that raises a lot of questions.
  • To make the best possible use of the added value a counter assessor brings, it is essential to appoint a counter assessor during or immediately after an incident.
  • Our counter assessor provide damage management and create a plan of action.
  • Furthermore, you can expect them to follow all developments of the total claim process and will ultimately create the definitive damage claim.
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