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Visionary market research

Troostwijk’s research department carries out independent research on behalf of our clients. We have extensive experience in setting up market research and with the use of new insights we help our clients to make well-informed decisions. The distinctive, tenacious and predictive capabilities of our research department make a real difference.

Type of market research

  • Customized market reports: research and analysis of market trends.
  • Feasibility analysis: research into the feasibility of a project.
  • Land price research: research into the issue of land and relevant price levels.
  • Location research: issuing advice about whether a location meets the requirements.
  • Portfolio analysis: screening of portfolios, portfolio optimization and advice.
  • Indices: trends in construction and machinery / equipment costs for insurance purposes.

Reliable market data

We set high standards for the reliability of our data. We continuously work on expanding and gaining a deeper understanding of our market information and extensive database. Furthermore, we compare internal data with external and market data to arrive at new insights.

Your own market study

Would you like unbiased market research conducted into a property market, sector, region, or project? Perhaps you would prefer an analysis of your portfolio, financing, or investments? We would be pleased to provide you with that service.

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