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Risk profile

An economic valuation is of strategic importance for organizations. At Troostwijk, we understand the impact of tangible and intangible assets on the risk profile and future returns. Whether it concerns a financing or a balance sheet valuation. Our economic appraisers know what they are talking about.


Strategic and financial decisions
  • Our economic valuations play a significant role in the preparation of annual accounts, financing, investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, in rental transactions, or by tax purposes.
We can help you with:
    • The economic valuation of any type of commercial or residential property.
    • The economic valuation of any type of equipment or business inventory
    • The economic valu.tion of immaterial assets such as goodwill and patents, but also software, copyright, and design rights.
    • The economic valuation of artwork, design and antiques, jewellery, and other valuable items.


  • Troostwijk conducts economic valuations for all imaginable businesses and institutions.
  • As an independent and objective appraiser, we perform economic valuations on movable and immovable property all over the world.
  • Our appraisers, many of whom are certified and/or registered with RICS, REV, Vastgoedcert, NRVT, or TMV are experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Troostwijk offers two combinations of valuations that are unique due to the presence of knowledge in many areas.
  • We have a broad expertise in the economic valuation of commercial movable and immovable property.
  • We are experienced in valuing intangible assets, such as goodwill or brand names and websites.
  • Research is an essential part of our work. The Research Department continuously examines economic developments and precisely monitors the various markets.

Our method

  • After the valuation basis and reporting format for an economic valuation assignment have been established, the financial component and the delivery deadline is discussed. After the client approves the valuation order, the valuation process is started.
  • Troostwijk uses the in-house developed valuation system. This contributes to the efficiency of the valuation process and ensures control over the entire valuation process. The calculation model in the system, underlying data, and report generation ensure uniform judgment.
  • Our appraisers record the specifications required for an analysis and value judgment. Using elements such as object characteristics, value-influencing factors, research, and the market knowledge of our appraisers, we create the basis for an appraisal and establish it in the report.
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