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Understanding fixed assets

Verified registers contribute to the transparency of the fixed asset systems. Linking maintenance management systems with fixed asset systems makes it possible to better manage assets in the future. Fixed Assets Register Reconciliation offers you more security. A clean and transparent fixed asset register ensures that the company is less exposed to financial, tax and legal risks.


  • Troostwijk has a broad experience in cleaning fixed asset registers for clients.
  • With a Fixed Assets Register Reconciliation the maintenance management system is linked to the fixed assets system.
  • Impairments in the fixed asset register will emerge in this way.
  • Questionable items on the balance sheet, for example, assets with cryptic descriptions, can be defined with this method.


  • Troostwijk is an independent organization, we are open-minded.
  • A Verified asset register ensures that the company is less exposed to risks.
  • The return on investment (ROI) and financial reporting are improved.
  • it is possible to carry out an insurance valuation in combination with a Fixed Assets Register Reconciliation.

Our method

  • Once the purpose and reporting format of the assignment have been established, the execution period is discussed.
  • Then we go through the FARR steps: Kick off, Preparation, Inventory of data, Physical control, Report.
  • We are active in all segments: from industry and SMES enterprises, to multinationals and healthcare institutions.
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