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Automated valuations

With Reinstatement Value Model, the knowledge and expertise of Troostwijk Insurance Valuations becomes available to the market in a digital form. This enables our customers to prepare valuations for their assets based on their data and our models. In a very efficient way, large numbers of assets can be valued quickly and economically.


  • For insurers to manage the risks they face, especially when providing a guarantee against underinsurance.
  • For intermediaries to educate their clients on the importance of accurate insured values.
  • For organizations with a lot of real estate in their possession, often needing to provide their insurer with a more accurate justification of reinstatement values.


  • A digital tool for automated valuations.
  • A very efficient and adequate method of valuation.
  • The Reinstatement Value Model has integration capabilities through digital links (APIs).
  • Cost-effective valuation of large numbers, such as real estate portfolios.
  • Dropouts can be assessed by appraisers.
  • To be combined with a risk survey.

Our method

  • The required data are collected from various sources based on the unique combination zip code + house number.
  • Then the data is transformed into the right format and imported into the Reinstatement Value Model.
  • Afterwards, the addresses are automatically and quickly valued through our system.
  • Any dropouts during the valuation process can be evaluated separately by our appraisers.
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