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Guarantee continuity

Business interruption, or consequential loss coverage is one of the main guarantees for the continuity of the company after damage. After all, the gross profit margin (partially) drops off, while the cost behavior pattern is limited or delayed in its response to the effects of the emergency. The existence of clauses for extended or limited coverage only solve this problem to a certain extent. Furthermore, the (market) effects of unplanned stagnation often last much longer than the period necessary to restore material damages. In short, with business interruption advice, you are better protected.


  • Why business interruption advice: in practice, the amount or the agreed upon term of the business damage coverage regularly does not provide the desired security.
  • The insured amount is often based on dated information and/or an incorrect calculation method.
  • The development of the company and the effects of general economic development are often not sufficiently taken into account.


  • Troostwijk is an independent Loss Assessments and Valuation agency with fully independent operations.
  • Troostwijk is the largest loss assessment agency in the Netherlands.
  • Our experts are active on all aspects of the claims settlement process: from buildings, machinery and equipment, goods and business damage.
  • Our experts are certified and are annually tested for whether they still meet the training requirements set by the NIVRE.

Our method

  • Our advice can be implemented at multiple levels. This can be done as a “quick scan”, but also on the basis of an extensive analysis.
  • The assessment calculations for business damage benefits are performed based on current figures and future prognoses.
  • We will analyse the degree to which your enterprise is reliant on internal and external factors and the way in which this can be integrated into the business damage coverage.
  • Depending on your wishes, reporting can be done verbally or in writing. Desired modifications to policy conditions will be discussed with you and your insurance broker, who will implement these changes.
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