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An expert reporting describes our view on the extent of damages and our assumptions. We can prepare this expert reporting on your behalf; in that case it is a party report. Or we are jointly appointed by the parties or a Court.


  • In the event of a (non-insured) dispute between parties, the legal basis is relevant (trained experts are available for this purpose); but a statement on the (consequential) damage that has occurred will also be important for a successful settlement.
  • An expert reporting should have an independent status, even if it is a party report.


  • Troostwijk is an independent Loss Assessments and Valuations agency with fully independent operations.
  • Our experts are highly experienced in representing the interests of injured parties in dialogue with the insurance company (in the case of insured companies), among others.
  • In consultation with the insurance company’s loss adjuster, the expert of Troostwijk is also provides a documented claim file.
  • Our experts are certified by the Register of Experts and are annually tested for whether they still meet the training requirements set by the NIVRE.

Our method

  • We start with a clear term of reference and a plan of approach for the expert reporting, followed by a concrete overview of information needs.
  • After a thorough review of the available information, we enter into discussions with the party/parties regarding our primary interpretation and possible areas of ambiguity.
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