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What is the value of your enterprise?

How is the value of a company determined? That question plays a major role in business. The main reason for business valuations, and thus determining the value of a company, are related to the transfer of ownership of shares in a company. We understand how material and especially intangible assets fulfil our customers’ business strategy, intervene in the risk profile and lead to future returns.


  • In addition to financial aspects, our experts include in their valuation considerations the market technical, organizational structural and technological elements, which alone or together make a company unique.
  • In addition, we are often engaged for business valuations of constituent parts such as brand names, patents, usage rights and tangible assets.


  • As market leader, Troostwijk appraises for all conceivable companies and institutions.
  • As an independent and objective appraiser, we carry out valuations all over the world.
  • You can be sure that a business valuation of all your assets is in trusted hands with a reliable partner.
  • We have appraised interesting objects with regard to tangible assets. Examples are leisure objects such as golf courses, hotels, sports stadiums, as well as more complex business objects such as airports, ports, shipyards, mines and process installations.

Our method

  • When the valuation basis and reporting format for a business valuation assignment have been established, the financial component and the delivery deadline is discussed. Following approval from the client, the valuation process is started.
  • Based on your specific question and the confidential information, we will start the business valuation process. We act as your advisory, independent expert. We will formulate an answer to your specific question in consultation with you. We always offer tailor-made solutions.
  • We operate in all segments of the commercial sector, ranging from SMEs to stock-listed companies, the non-profit sector and semi-government institutions.
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