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A value determinations is exclusively performed under the assignment of an insurance provider or authorised party.

Over the years, Troostwijk has been the foremost partner for a large number of parties, many insurance providers, and authorised representatives in the field of value determinations.

Why a value?


An important purpose is being guaranteed of insured party’s business continuity in the event of damage. With the Troostwijk value determination, the insured party will be covered for the correct amounts in the policy.

A value determination is an appraisal without an extensive report at the item level. It is an abbreviated overview that contains total amounts. If desired, a risk scan can also be conducted.


Thanks to the value determination conducted by Troostwijk, your business relationship will receive an open policy with a GTO (Garantie Tegen Onderverzekering), which protects them from being under-insured.

Since the insurance provider or authorised representative has a GTO associated with the value determination, your business relationship will be properly insured in the event of damage. That provides them with security.


Benefits for the insurance companies

  • Guaranteed business continuity in the event of damage
  • Correct insurance amounts and correct base premium
  • Satisfies the duty of care
  • Appraisal of all posts in the fire policy
  • Recommendation for supplies, business damage, and the payment term
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast, efficient handling
  • If desired, a risk scan can be simultaneously conducted

Our method of operation

Our method

The appraiser and the insured party will determine the value of the buildings, rental interests, and inventories together.

Of course, any potential recommendations regarding amounts to be insured for supplies, business damage, and the associated payment term will be provided.


The basic principles for the value determination are the policy conditions. Appraisals are conducted at the agency as well as on location.

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