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Indices 1st quarter 2023

Machinery an Equipment
Office/Industrial Buildings
Residential Buildings

About the Indices

Troostwijk has developed indices for machinery and equipment, office and industrial buildings and residential buildings specifically for the insurance sector. You can follow value developments with these indices.

Troostwijk Research has been publishing the Troostwijk indices since 2002. Various information channels and sources are used to determine the indices. These are used to obtain an average index number. The indices that Troostwijk publishes are general figures and are not related to any specific type of property or industry.

Troostwijk index newsletter

Each year, receive your free Troostwijk Index with the newest index figures.

The advantages of the Troostwijk Index

  • You will receive the newest index figures roughly three weeks before their official publication.
  • After completing the form, citing the source is no longer required.

Important Notices

The recent survey of the users of our indices has shown that a large number of users still need a more frequent publication of the indices. As a result, Troostwijk will also publish quarterly indices as of today.

In order not to have to make major adjustments to your systems, we have recalculated the quarterly figures for the period 2019-2021 based on the annual figures issued in these years.

We will also continue to provide annual indices. Each year, in the second week of November, the new forecasts for the annual and quarterly figures will be published. The final quarterly figures will follow in the months of December (quarter 1), March (quarter 2), June (quarter 3) and September (quarter 4).

This does mean that from now on the final fourth quarter figure no longer has to be the same as the annual figure issued in November of the previous year.

Quarterly indices

Year Machinery and Equipment Office / Industrial Buildings Residential Buildings
2023 - Q1
2022 - Q4
2022 - Q3
2022 - Q2
2022 - Q1
2021 - Q4
2021 - Q3
2021 - Q2
2021 - Q1
2020 - Q4
2020 - Q3
2020 - Q2
2020 - Q1
2019 - Q4
2019 - Q3
2019 - Q2
2019 - Q1
2018 - Q4
2018 - Q3
2018 - Q2
2018 - Q1
2017 - Q4
2017 - Q3
2017 - Q2
2017 - Q1
2016 - Q4
2016 - Q3
2016 - Q2
2016 - Q1
2015 - Q4
2015 - Q3
2015 - Q2
2015 - Q1
2014 - Q4
2014 - Q3
2014 - Q2
2014 - Q1
2013 - Q4
2013 - Q3
2013 - Q2
2013 - Q1
2012 - Q4
2012 - Q3
2012 - Q2
2012 - Q1
2011 - Q4
2011 - Q3
2011 - Q2
2011 - Q1
2010 - Q4
2010 - Q3
2010 - Q2
2010 - Q1

Troostwijk Index

Each year, receive your free Troostwijk Index with the newest index figures. Before you start receiving the figures, you need to complete this form which you indicate that you want to use this service.

Terms of use

Source acknowledgement is obligatory if there is no user agreement. Multiplication for personal use or internal use is permitted.

The contents of the website as well as the indices have been generated with utmost care. The contents are regularly checked and updated. However, Troostwijk is not liable for the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the website as well as the indices.

In particular, Troostwijk is not liable for possible damages or consequences originating from direct or indirect use of the contents of this website.

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