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Risk management

By providing insight into all risks and coming up with solutions, we work every day to prevent large-scale damage. We are not bound to an insurer or third party, so our risk inspections are an independent service and are focused on risk analysis, in which the risk object is always our priority.


Why inspections?

With a risk inspection, our risk expert examines, inspects and assesses all parts and processes of a company that could potentially cause damage. We then process our findings and data into a report, in which we describe the problems in detail and give advice on how to solve them.



Troostwijk conducts inspections for all imaginable businesses and institutions. As an independent and objective company, we perform inspections all over the Netherlands and abroad.


Troostwijk reports according to the highest standards regarding descriptions and detail, which allows our reports to be accepted by all insurers.

Specialist in your industry

We operate in all segments, from insurance companies, brokers, and authorized representatives to agricultural and SME businesses. Our risk experts have extensive knowledge and experience in all these segments.


If you choose for a full scan, you opt for a complete overview of risk factors, this report is very suitable for SMEs. If you opt for a quick scan, you opt for a concise report that is intended for SMEs with an annual turnover of up to 2 million euros. The results of this type of scan are processed electronically.

Our report describes all relevant risks, protection levels and can be used for insurance purposes.

Our method of operation


When the terms and reporting format for an inspection assignment have been established, the financial component and the delivery deadline is discussed. Following approval from the client, the process is started.


Our risk experts plan a visit at your location. It is important to mention that all our people are VCA-Full certified. Safety is our top priority.

Our visits always consist of an interview followed by a tour of the company in which we assess all processes and process safety. After the tour, a wrap-up will follow in which any points for improvement / recommendations will be discussed.

Complex inspections

For complex risk inspections, Troostwijk uses the expertise and services of Burghgraef van Tiel.


A risk analysis can be performed in multiple reporting models. You can choose from a full scan based on an extensive analysis or a quick scan.

Customer satisfaction study

Troostwijk aims high for the quality of its products. This means that we are always seeking new ways to improve our services. After sending your valuation report, we will invite you to participate in our customer satisfaction study.

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