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Troostwijk has opted not only to base the indices on information from the past. We add an important component to this, namely an estimate of the construction costs in the future. This allows us to better anticipate current developments in the market and no longer lag behind the facts. 

As of 1 January 2019, we therefore switched from a quarterly publication to an annual publication of the indices. On our homepage you will find the indices excl. VAT for 2019.

Troostwijk Index

Receive each year, your free Troostwijk Index news flash with the latest indices. 

The online index figures are specifically intended for insurance purposes.  If you want to receive the Troostwijk Index news flash, subscribe here. The base year is 1 January 2017 (=100).


The benefits of the Troostwijk Index 

  • You will receive the latest indices well before their official online publication.
  • After registration, acknowledgement of the source is no longer required.

Terms of use Indices

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us!

Terms of use

Source acknowledgement is obligatory if there is no user agreement. Multiplication for personal use or internal use is permitted.

The contents of the website as well as the indices have been generated with utmost care. The contents are regularly checked and updated. However, Troostwijk is not liable for the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the website as well as the indices.

In particular, Troostwijk is not liable for possible damages or consequences originating from direct or indirect use of the contents of this website.

Which index should I use for my clients?

From October 1, 2012, the VAT rate increased to 21%. If your customers cannot deduct VAT you can use the indices including VAT. Otherwise you can use the indices excluding VAT.

About the Indices

In order to properly compare the development of the various quantities to each other, indices are often used. Troostwijk has developed indices for machinery and equipment, office and industrial buildings and residential buildings specifically for the insurance sector. You can follow value developments with these indices. The base year is 1 January 2007 (=100).

Troostwijk Research has been publishing the Troostwijk indices since 2002. Various information channels and sources are used to determine the indices. These are used to obtain an average index number. The indices that Troostwijk publishes are general figures and are not related to any specific type of property or industry.

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