Property brokerage

A property brokerage programme often starts with a risk analysis

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The starting point of a property brokerage programme is often a risk analysis of the property and its surroundings. Next, various scenarios are factored into the assessment. 

Examples of these are purchase and sale processes, demolitions, renovations, redevelopment, etc. Depending on the alternatives, the value is determined and a choice can be made by the potential buyer or seller.

Why property brokerage

Advisory partner  

We are an exclusive advisory partner that you as the client can count on at any time. We highly value long-term relationships, because these are crucial for good brokerage.

Benefits of Troostwijk property brokerage

Strategic choice

The sale of an attractive object in a good location does not demand much effort. However, if the client wants to sell something like an old, empty building, we are prepared to take that on as well. After the risks and opportunities for an object or portfolio have been mapped out, various scenarios are factored into the assessment, which allows us to make the best choice together.

Our method of operation

Risk manager and deal maker

We monitor for you the different processes and factors in the Real Estate chain. From this starting point, we will enter into the world of transactions and seek out the proper parties for making your transaction a success. We are your strategic partner, risk manager, and deal maker.

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