Property data analysis

Data analysis is an indispensable part of our operation

Important source


Our data analysts conduct structural research into developments and trends in the market. The results of this research are a source of valuable knowledge for our advisers and research has come to play an important role in the total service package that Troostwijk offers. Our customers benefit from it every day.

Why data analysis

Managing information

The world is becoming more complex and managing information has become progressively more important. In-depth data research is necessary to create a proper risk analysis for a property and the surroundings. Thorough data research can assist in the creation of market reports, land pricing studies, portfolio analyses, and financing analyses.

Benefits of Troostwijk data analysis

Predictive capacity

Data analysis for real estate is an important foundation for making and substantiating the correct decisions. Over the years, we have constructed an enormous database of transactions. This is a platform that contains both valuations and research data. We use this to distinguish ourselves in the market and increase our predictive capacity.

Our method of operation

Scenario analyses

Only interpreting data is not sufficient. We want to offer more. That is why we create a team of colleagues from various disciplines, creating a powerful cross-fertilization of knowledge and experience. The addition of tools, such as scenario analyses, which we can apply to this widely available data completes the whole.

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