Troostwijk Groep is expanding in Italy

Apr 10, 2019

Recently, Troostwijk Groep has expanded its interest in its Italian subsidiary Roux Italia S.r.l by acquiring a substantial majority stake in it.

The company Roux Italia exists for more than 50 years, and offers similar services to the Troostwijk organization in the Benelux. With its headquarters situated in Milan, Roux Italia operates throughout Italy. Following the recent acquisition in Belgium, this is the third expansion within six months that Troostwijk has been able to achieve under the flag of parent company Tinsa."

Just like the acquisition in Belgium, this is a company that we have known for a long time", says Wiebe Westerhof, CEO of Troostwijk Groep.“In our opinion, the Italian market provides sufficient room for growth with regard to our current service package. The Italian company is ready for the next step in its development and we are pleased to be able to play our part in achieving this.”

As the result of a recent acquisition by Tinsa in Portugal, Tinsa has offices in 12 countries now, and expects to accomplish a turnover of more than € 150 million in 2019.


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