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Property adviser for various clients

We know everything about the value of real estate, there are additional causes for an appraisal request. That is why we start each request with a personal interview in which we try to get this additional causes clear. Afterwards we can start answering your question.

If you are not involved in the purchase and sale of real estate on a daily basis and need transaction security, transparency and reliability, we can help you as an advisor during the process.


Different scenarios

We have a lot of experience in analyzing, advising and brokerage in regards to the most diverse real estate issues. A thorough analysis of all relevant financial, technical, legal and tax aspects of an object or portfolio is the basis for our advice.

We make an appraisal model that allows us to develop different scenarios, on this basis we make suggestions and recommendations. This could be a plan of action or strategy, for example. If desired, we can implement the advice.



Over the years, our data analysts have created a large database of transactions, in which both appraisal data and research data are stored. This database is available for our clients.


We attach great importance to ethics and integrity. Troostwijk is not affiliated with investors and brokers. We are an independent party.

RICS Regulated

Troostwijk Real Estate is RICS regulated.

Integrated approach

We take an integrated approach. After conducting a financial analysis of the real estate, it is also investigated how the results can contribute directly or indirectly to the success of your company.

Advisory partner

We are an exclusive advisory partner that you as the client can count on at any time. We highly value long-term relationships, because these are crucial for good brokerage.

Track record

We have a significant track record that is endorsed by the market, but that is not something we are emphasising ourselves. Modesty and sobriety are qualities that suit our consultants and we want to continue to distinguish ourselves with that.

Strategic choice

The sale of an attractive object in a good location does not demand much effort. However, if the client wants to sell something like an old, empty building, we are prepared to take that on as well.

After the risks and opportunities for an object or portfolio have been mapped out, various scenarios are in corporated in the assessment, which allows us to make the best choice together.

Our method of operation

Facts and figures

All our recommendations are based on a thorough analysis and provide clear financial accountability. Don’t expect abstract views from us, but concrete and clear suggestions that answer the question you have asked.

Customization and beyond

Based on your specific question and the confidential information, we will start the process. We act as your advisory, independent expert. We will formulate an answer to your specific question in consultation with you. We always offer tailor-made solutions.

All branches

We operate in all segments of the commercial sector, ranging from SMEs to stock-listed companies, the non-profit sector and semi-government institutions.

Risk manager and dealmaker

We monitor for you the different processes and factors in the Real Estate chain. From this starting point, we will enter into the world of transactions and seek out the proper parties for making your transaction a success. We are your strategic partner, risk manager, and deal maker.

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