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Art valuation and the value of art

Apresa is specialized in providing valuations for paintings, antiques, complete art collections and household effects, but also appraisals of valuables such as jewellery and watches. 

Apresa operates in the Netherlands and abroad. Because of the small-scale approach of Apresa, we are able to offer customized valuations that suit your requirements as well as those of your insurer. 

We have years of extensive experience in our line of business and consider ourselves to be an independent and impartial agency. Furthermore, we have no business interest in the trade or insurance industry.

Het waarderen van schilderijen, antiek, kostbaarheden en sieraden vereist een speciale expertise. We onderscheiden twee soorten taxaties: verzekeringstaxaties en economische taxaties.

What we do?

We value paintings, antiques, household effects and valuables such as jewellery and watches.

Insurance valuation

A professional insurance valuation of your artworks prevents unnecessary discussions with the insurer. Fire, water, and other damage as well as theft often lead to avoidable issues between the insured party and the insurance provider; especially if the value of the insured objects has not been established in advance.

This is why you should always have a valuation report when insuring items. It will prevent problems and specify which objects fall under which categories: artwork, antiques, paintings, jewellery, watches, and other valuables.

Economic valuation

An economic valuation will be conducted for inheritance, mutual distribution, voluntary sale, and other objectives with an economic impact. These appraisals are usually based on market value.

There can be a big difference between an item’s insurance or replacement value, and it’s market value.

Appraisal Service (Risk survey)

Is the value in your home and contents insurance plans still up to date? For the appraisal service we are hired by insurance providers and intermediaries to check the insured amounts of both the building and the household effects. 

We provide on-location advice about burglary and fire prevention and make recommendations as to whether a valuation of artworks, paintings, antiques, and valuables would be desirable.

Collection service

For corporate collections or a large private collection, it is important to have a good overview of the collection’s contents. How many objects are there? What kind of techniques are used? Who is the artist that created each work? What is the condition of the objects? Where are the objects located? 

Based on this information, a collection policy can be developed and a conclusive, functional registration system can be created. Apresa has a great deal of experience in all of these areas and provides the following services:

  • collection management
  • registration and inventory management
  • cataloguing, allocation, facilities management
  • maintenance, restoration, and storage advice
  • art-historical research

What will be reported?

The value definitions for art, antiques, jewellery and other valuables on the one hand and household contents on the other differ as follows:


Art, Antiques and Valuables

Art, antiques and valuables have an historical value or rarity value and thus cannot be valued on the basis of its value when new, but on its replacement value. These items will be mentioned separately in a valuation report and described using an individual valuation amount.


Household Contents

The household contents are described and valued on the basis of their new-for-old value, which means the amount that would be needed to replace them with new items of the same type and equal quality.


Jewerly and Watches

Regular content policies maintain a maximum amount of damage compensation per watch or jewellery item. If the value of your jewellery or watches surpasses this amount, we recommend you take out additional cover and arrange for a valuation report for these items.


About the reports:

Apresa reports in accordance with the highest standards when it comes to description and detail, which means that our valuation reports are accepted by all insurance companies.

Our valuation reports conform to article 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code, which stipulates that an independent expert must inspect and value the items beforehand. 

Such a report prevents disputes and ensures you can expect your claims settlement to be stress-free.

Experts in Art Valuations



Our appraisers combine their broad experience with substantial expertise in the field of valuing artwork, antiques, paintings, jewellery, and other valuables.

Although some of them are specialized in certain areas, they are all general appraisers.

This means that they are not only capable of valuing your artwork, antiques, paintings, jewellery, and other valuables, but also your household items.



How can we help?

If you have questions, please contact us. We like to help you. Telephone 088-666 67 27 or E-mail info@apresa.nl

Our method of operation

During the on-site valuation our appraiser will have a look around the house and will briefly discuss your requirements. We will usually start with the most time-consuming items, such as jewellery or silver. 

It is advisable for someone to be present in case the appraiser needs to ask some questions. After the visit the appraiser will compile the report, which will then be checked and corrected if necessary. We handle every valuation with utmost discretion and integrity.


General terms and Conditions

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