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For decades, Troostwijk has been a trusted and strategic partner for a large number of government agencies, such as government departments and municipalities.


More than 95 percent of all Dutch companies belong to the category of SMEs. Troostwijk has been a trusted advisor to SMEs for many years.

Trade and Logistics

Troostwijk has broad experience within the Trade and Logistics sector. From wholesalers and logistics companies to retail organizations, these sectors are well known to our specialists.

Financial and Real Estate

The largest part of all investment properties in the Netherlands relate to commercial property. The real estate investors are usually real estate funds, private investors and insurance companies.

Industry and Energy

Troostwijk has broad experience in the industrial and energy sector. As a consultant, we are regularly asked by clients or insurance brokers to support them in answering various valuation issues.

Bank and Investor

Banks and Investors in the Netherlands have been regular clients of Troostwijk for years. Every day we give advice and draw up reports for financing real estate, goodwill, machinery or inventories.


Troostwijk has broad experience in valuing hospitals and care institutions. For example, we have been the appraiser of all academic hospitals in the Netherlands for many years.

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