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About Troostwijk Real Estate

Troostwijk Real Estate is an independent property adviser and part of Troostwijk Groep. Troostwijk Real Estate provides an innovative and contemporary twist to the concept of property advice, suitable for the current market.

More than a property adviser
The current market demands a property adviser that is your strategic partner, contributes to your thinking process and offers added value.  

We offer property solutions to property owners and consumers. This includes investors, banks, (listed) funds, public authorities, housing corporations, financers and consumers (small and medium-sized companies). 

Added value for your property
Adding value for the client is the basis and the starting point of the advisory services at Troostwijk Real Estate. To achieve the best possible result, we use a multidisciplinary approach which bundles our specialized knowledge from various relevant areas. 

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About Troostwijk

Troostwijk represents more than 80 years of expertise and specialised knowledge of integrated advice when ensuring valuations of items, equipment, property and businesses.

Troostwijk operates in all business segments, as well as the non-profit and public sectors, from SMEs to listed companies. Troostwijk also represents professional reporting, crafted by experts and supported by extensive, thorough knowledge, reliable research and years of experience.

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There is a customised approach to any international assignment. Sometimes the structure of the company demands the financial and professional sensibility of a fixed team that values all branches. In other cases, local knowledge is the deciding factor which results in the valuation being independently carried out by a partner from within ArcaLaudis.

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Troostwijk has a large Research department. Our researchers constantly study developments and trends in the market.

Collecting, recording and enriching data leads to a source of unique knowledge. Our clients profit from this every day. The elaborate knowledge is essential for ensuring well-founded and impartial valuations and advice.

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It is extremely important that the value of your possessions is carefully assessed and recorded before you arrange insurance. The only way to ensure the most accurate cover is to combine the correct insurance policy with an expertly prepared valuation report in accordance with article 7:960 of the Civil Code.

Index (ex. VAT) 1 January 2018

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